Coming in August: Beat the Band 5K!

The Lewisburg Arts Council is really, REALLY excited to announce an upcoming fundraiser for the Music in the Park Endowment. On August 13th, in conjunction with that evening’s Music in the Park concert, we invite you to try your luck and see if you can Beat the Band in a 5K race! You’ll have 32 minutes to try and outrun a set of Bee Gees tunes which the BeeGeeZ USA will be playing as part of their outdoor tribute concert.

The race will run concurrently with the August 13th Music in the Park concert and will start at 7pm in Hufnagle Park. For information about registration fees and to register for the 5K, please click here. We’re also looking for volunteers to help direct runners along the race route.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please click here.

Silver shirts and feathered hair are encouraged, but optional.

The big question is: will you beat the band, or will the band beat you?

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John C. Sterling

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