Plein Air Day Volunteers needed!

Do you like hanging out with/near artists?  Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?  If so, this activity might be for you!

Who/What:  We are looking for volunteers to cover 2 shifts (morning or afternoon) in 4 different locations on Sunday, April 27.
When:  9am-12:30pm or 12:30-4pm.
Where:  Four locations, all of which are Merrill Linn Conservancy easement properties, will be the sites for this event (click here for directions):

  • Union County: Dale Engle Walker Property
  • Snyder County: Constant property
  • Lycoming County—Glacial Pools
  • Northumberland County—Montandon Marsh

Duties:  Volunteers would be available to greet the artists, hand out brochures and evaluations, answer basic questions like Are their bathrooms available? Where can I set up? When does the day end? Where is the reception? How do I get to another site? We will have a packet made up for each site with brochures, evaluations, directions to sites and other information.

For more information:

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy helping with, please contact us!

Featured Local Artist

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John C. Sterling

In this day and age, we are all seeking to find a balance. The world gets faster and faster, but our souls long for peace and connections. According to feng-shui philosophy, wood is the element that is most refreshing and adaptable for your home. By surrounding yourself with hand-crafted wood furniture, you ground yourself...

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