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Lewisburg Live!

Saturday May 9th

A downtown music festival is bringing different bands to different venues throughout downtown Lewisburg, all free and open to everyone. Lewisburg Live! is sponsored by the Lewisburg Arts Council as part of the 46th Annual Lewisburg Celebration of the Arts.

6:00 – 8:00PMfull
Hannah Bingman and Doug McMinn
Siam Café, 518 Market St.

Two musical veterans, one young and one old, have joined forces to put a fresh spin on acoustic music. Hannah, on vocals and guitar, and Doug, on vocals, guitar, and clarinet, are brewing up a flavorful mixture of blues and roots music that is sure to please your palate. Hannah is a seasoned performer and songwriter who has played her music all over the east. Doug has had a long and colorful career as both leader and sideman, playing with dozens of bands in the Central Pennsylvania area. Together, Hannah and Doug’s repertoire ranges from the Mississippi Delta to the smoky jazz clubs of the urban north. The duo moves from funky and down home to sophisticated and jazzy at the drop of a hat, mixing high quality original songs with old favorites.


6:30 – 8:30PMCeltica photo JPG
Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Bucknell University, 400 Market St.

Mixing traditional Irish and British Isles’ melodies, Celtica has made its name over the years by delivering bawdy tavern covers and interpretations of Dylan and the Dead, sea shanties, political plain songs from the old country and folk reveries sweet enough for fairies.




6:30 – 8:30PMKimbo and Bryan
Kimbo and Bryan
Mercado Burrito, 520 Market St.
Kimbo Reichley and Bryan Noaker are both skilled vocalists and guitarists whose popular shows range from singer-songwriter originals to covers of tunes ranging from blues to rock, and from country to R&B.





8:00 – 10:00PMFJB 2015
Folk Justice Band
The Lewisburg Club, 131 Market St.
The Valley’s premier classic rock band. Based in Lewisburg, they play gems by Hendrix, Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Santana, Van Morrison, CCR and other artists. They also feature one of the area’s best light shows! Members include Steve Jordan, Devin Flynt, Brian King, Will Rivera, and Geoff Schneider.




9:00 – 11:00PMKerstetter
Ann Kerstetter
Bull Run Tap House, 605 Market St.
Ann has been described as “a fabulous singer with personality [and] wide emotional range,” and promises to put on a show! With her will be a terrific group of guys: Bryan Noaker on guitar and vocals, Bill Stetz on bass, and Diamond Dave Thompson on harmonica. One reviewer wrote, “Make no mistake, just a few songs at a blues jam or a full live performance, when Ann Kerstetter takes the stage, the party’s just begun. Be it a hoppin’ boogie or a sultry ballad, she squeezes out every ounce of emotion a song has to offer. Nothing is held back and any questions have been answered.”



10:00PM – midnight
Earl Pickens and the Band Named Thunder
Towne Tavern, 600 Market St.
With a bit of wit, a dash of moxie and groove-saturated tunes, Earl Pickens and the Band Named Thunder is a unique hybrid of a band best described as the lovechild of a 1970s country band and a classic rock and roll group reared on Bob Dylan. Joining in on the musical fun are five of the best area musicians: Rick Buck on lead guitar, Steve Adams on keyboards and accordion, Mark Tomeo on pedal steel, Bill Stetz on bass and Jake Kline on the drums.