Lewisburg Arts Council Organization Changes

Changes to the Organization

At the January 2012 meeting, the members present approved a new set of bylaws for the Arts Council – the first in 40 years. We are very lucky to have Simonne Roy, an artist and an attorney, to help guide the process. What these new bylaws also give us is a slightly new structure. There is a Board of Directors, each with two-year terms, and five standing committees: Membership, PR, Entertainment, Fundraising, and a new Artists’ Guild. All the events that the Arts Council runs each year will have its own committee as well – including the Arts Festival, and everything we do will fall under somebody’s committee.

We are now working to fill in all the committee slots, so don’t be surprised if you get a call! Actually we have a new set of committee “job descriptions” that we can send out to anyone interested in helping out – it’s a great way to see where your interests might best dovetail with the Arts Council’s needs.

Council Officers

Connie Timm – President

This could be you! – Vice President

Margaret Brody – Treasurer

Lauren McDonald – Acting Secretary

Sara Kelley – Past President

Board Members

Barbara Baker
Jennifer Blanchard
Della Hutchison
Sara Kelley
Lauren McDonald
Penny Patterson
Simonne Roy